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Commercial Solar – TOP 10 REASONS why BIG businesses are going solar!

Commercial Solar – TOP 10 REASONS why BIG businesses are going solar!

Solarcraft are seeing more and more commercial businesses requesting quotes and installing solar systems on their roof. Some of them have even gone entirely off-the-grid!

The joy of a solar power system on the roof of your business is that you can;

  • use ALL the energy that your system produces, ALL day, as the sun shines! $0 on your bill.
  • feed the power you don’t use back to the grid for a credit. Saving and making money!
  • do your bit for sustainability, the environment and the planet…
  • radically off-set your carbon footprint
  • claim tax back on your system as a depreciable asset!
  • be a shining example to others by ‘walking the talk’
  • create EXCELLENT marketing material for your business
  • GO LIVE from your system via Social Media. Report daily on how it’s going!
  • connect through networking / start conversations with other green businesses
  • switch on your system straight away to start ALL OF THE ABOVE!


Recently there was an article about New Zealand’s largest Solar System being installed on Foodstuff’s North Island Distribution Centre. This building services the distribution out to all Pak n’ Saves, New World’s and 4 Squares over the North Island. At a whopping 2915 panels, the size of 14 x netball courts? Check it out! New Zealand’s Largest Solar Panel roof 2020


The joy of Commercial Solar? Is that it can be applied to ANY business, anywhere! You just need the roof-space and exposure to enough sun. Warehouses are usually large enough to offer up a decent sized system to power whatever’s going on below. Plus they aren’t usually in the middle of a forest either, so shading from trees (which is a common issue for solar generation) isn’t a problem with most companies wanting to take the step towards renewable energy.

To name a few systems? Solarcraft have installed these larger solar systems on; a recreation centre in Otahuhu, a Fence and Gate business in Silverdale, a childcare centre, an eco-skincare factory in Wellsford, a clothing warehouse in the middle of Milford and an apartment building in Auckland City!

Each time a business or landlord of a building decides to switch to solar? It starts to make a big difference to their power bill and the environment.

Off-the-Grid in the City.

Win. Win.

Contact us any time to find out what your business energy returns will be…

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