This is what micro inverters look like in installation-action! Your micro inverter converts the sun’s energy (DC) into AC power so you can utilise that power in your home. One micro inverter is installed under each solar panel giving you the ability to read how system is operating through your online monitoring system.

Micro inverters afford the ability to easily add on more panels as you go, so you can grow your system as you go!

Our Enphase micro inverters encompass the most up-to-date inverter technology, maintaining a high level of power-production. Solarcraft have installed over a thousand micro inverter-based solar systems since we began using them in 2012, they cut down our installation time, are highly efficient and come with a 10 year warranty! Find out more about them on our Products page… <insert link –


Project Type Micro Inverters
Client Hundreds of happy micro inverter Solar systems
Installing micro inverters since... 2012
Project Size Systems of all sizes
Approximate Project Cost $5499


Micro Inverters

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