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A recent installation to the Solarcraft portfolio. The brief? To go off-the-grid, even though the mains power was already hooked up.

We often have phone calls with the request to install a system that will ensure the owner ”never has to pay a power bill, ever again”.

Once the preliminary options, specifications and power loads are all worked through, to ensure all of the appliances are covered by the system? They don’t always go ahead and the client switches to a Hybrid system, which is a lot less expensive and ensures the best of both worlds.

This system did go ahead and it’s stunning!

Enabling the owner to be released from the mains forevermore. Controlling their own power source and never having to pay a power bill, ever again…

This system was designed with the client, each and every step of the way. Our client was super onto it and knew what they wanted. They had done their research, so the whole experience was a collaborative process right the way through, with a great result!

For this system?

We utilised 50 x Winaico WST-370MG Full Black Solar Panels  , Fronius Primo 5kW InvertersSelectronic inverter/chargers plus our trusted PowerPlus ECO Batteries.

Matching class, design and excellent engineering with high-end products, fitting in perfectly with this beautiful home and property.


Project Type 18.5kW Solar System with Fronius Primo inverters + Winaico 370 All Black Panels
Client Kaiwaka, Auckland - Residential
Completion Date August 2022
Project Size 18+kW system - Off-Grid
Approximate Project Cost P O A


Huapai – Auckland – 10kW with battery back-up

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