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A common request in our business. “No more power cuts!”

It’s all about how you manage your system, your usage and your settings.

Your system’s battery will power up your basics in a power outage. Running your fridge, freezer, lights and water pump (if you are on tank water), making it a seamless event. Plus there is the added joy of using your power in the day time, as the sun shines, with any excess charging your battery/batteries up for evening time. THEN you can export any excess over that back to the grid, for $$$!

Power cut or no power cut, you can manage your system to a nominal power bill. The more battery storage, the more you can power up every day and night, hardly relying on the grid.

This new builds owner requested a highly efficient hybrid solar power system, to avoid the frequent power outages in his area.
We designed and installed this awesome 12.16kW system utilising the new Enphase Energy IQ Battery 5 with SunPower 380W All Black Solar Panels which include Enphase IQ7A Micro Inverters.

Enphase IQ Battery Auckland NZSunPower 380W panel












Project Type 12.16kW+ Hybrid Solar System with Enphase IQ Battery 5, SunPower P3 - 380W Solar Panels with Enphase IQ7A micro-inverters
Client Karaka, Auckland - Residential
Completion Date October 2023
Project Size 12.16kW system - Hybrid


Karaka – Auckland – 12.16kW – Hybrid

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