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If you are building or live in a remote area where the cost of installing power lines from the main electricity grid is too great; an off-grid solar electric system could be for you.

An Off-Grid solar power system is for those looking for complete independence from the power companies.  Typically this type of system is installed where the national power grid is either not available, or too expensive to connect to or you wish cut loose from the utilities and become self-sufficient.  Whether providing power for a couple of lights in a camper van, powering a modern tiny house, or the pad on Waiheke – the off-grid solar power system offers a solution with a combination of solar power generation and energy storage batteries meaning you can power what you want, when you want.

Off-grid systems need to have both their solar power and their battery system sized for the job.  This can be a very simple process when the required power output is known, we will take your list of appliances you wish to have and complete a load assessment which will tell us exactly how much power you need to produce and store, this needs to be carried out to to ensure your system will provide for you when you need it most and last as long as possible.

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  • Can I power my whole house off-grid

    Yes you can, we will work with you to find a solution that works best for your home and budget. We take holistic approach to sizing and designing your system, making sure you are using the most energy efficient appliances will help reduce your costs and increase the life of your system.

  • Will the system need maintenance?

    Your system will be designed to require as little maintenance as possible, we use sealed maintenance free batteries and high quality components with warranty’s of 10 years or more. You may also require a generator which will need serviceing and fueling however this can be reduced with the right sized solar system

  • How much does it cost?

    This is dependent on what you want to power, we have systems starting from $3000 for the mobile power supply to $35,000 for the modest house. We’ve also completed containerized solutions to power Pacific Islands which can cost much more. At the end of the day we work with you to provide a solution which will last the test of time.

  • How long does it take to Install my system?

    Most home sized systems take 4-3 days to install, we complete as much as possible at our workshop prior to sending to site to ensure a smoothe delivery and hand over.

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