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After an initial Zoom session with this off-grid client on Rakino Island, we carefully planned a system upgrade from old lead batteries to brand new PowerPlus ECO4840 Batteries.

A Victron SmartSolar MPPT Controller was installed to gather energy from the solar panels to store in the batteries.

A Victron Smart Battery Monitor with built in blue tooth  sends all system and battery information to the VictronConnect app on the owners phone, any time, anywhere in the world.

The property already had a myriad of solar panels on the roof, plus a further ground mounted solution. This had been completed many years ago when the lead battery system was originally installed,  not by Solarcraft.  The original roof panels will be replaced with our SunPower modules in the near future as they are also in need of an upgrade which will further compliment the new technology.

We have set up all types of systems to get freight safely to all of the surrounding islands in the gulf and work frequently on Great Barrier Island, Rakino, Kawau Island and Moturoa / Rabbit Island.

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Our services include; Hybrid – Off Grid – Grid Tied systems – Battery upgrades

Being in the solar business since 2010, we are enjoying our returning clients who are upgrading or adding systems to their next house or holiday homes.
Our staff have over 50+ years combined experience which provides you with excellent follow through, ongoing service capability and up-to-date attention on the best products available.


Project Type Battery Upgrade - 16 x PowerPlus Batteries
Client Rakino Island, Auckland - Residential
Completion Date 2023
Project Size 64kW system - 100% Off-Grid


Rakino Island – Battery Upgrade – PowerPlus Batteries

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