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NEW!! SunPower 395W All Black p-19 Panels

SunPower® Performance Series panels wrap front contact cells with 30+ years of SunPower materials and manufacturing expertise. The weakest points of Conventional Panel design are eliminated to deliver superior power, reliability, value and savings.

SunPower P19 Performance Series Commercial Solar panels provide up to 32% more energy in the same space while outperforming conventional panels in partial shade thanks to unique parallel circuitry. Proprietary bussing design limits power loss, maximizing production during morning and evening row-to-row shading or soiling.

The SunPower Performance Series is the most deployed shingled solar panel in the world,3 with proven results. Innovative shingled design eliminates many of the reliability challenges of traditional front contact panels. SunPower stands behind its panels with its industry-leading Complete Confidence Warranty.

More power per panel means fewer panels per install. This saves both time and money.

The SunPower Performance Series named as a Top Performer in all DNV/GL reliability tests.

Weight: 19 Kilograms
Warranty: 25yrs power and product

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