Hyubrid Solar system - Auckland
Hybrid - Off-Grid Solar system
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We installed this highly efficient 10kW solar system in Huapai, North-West of Auckland in 2020.

It’s a more than just a Hybrid, so we call this design “Hybrid Off-Grid” as the battery back-up is fairly substantial. Enough to store power to use throughout the evening via the batteries, thus not having to rely on grid-power so much and subsequently reducing the power bill to almost zero dollars as a result!

It was designed to be expandable if necessary and built around the principle that, in the event of a power failure, our client could still; charge the electric car, underfloor heating, water pump, lights, fridge/freezer, internet and T.V

Plus, you can rely on the grid if you need to and get a paid by your power retailer on excess power you feed back to the grid too.

For this system?

We utilised the sleek-looking All Black SunPower 320W Solar Panels  and Fronius Primo 5kW inverters  matching design with engineering excellence.

We have a very happy customer as a result!


Project Type 10kW Solar System with Fronius Primo inverters + SunPower 320W Panels
Client Huapai, Auckland - Residential
Completion Date 2020
Project Size 10kW system - Hybrid-Off-Grid
Approximate Project Cost P O A


Huapai – Auckland – 10kW with battery back-up

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