Get a thorough investigation of your existing power usage and needs. We’ll visit you, discuss your needs and put together a no obligation plan for getting solar power installed on your home. You’ll also learn how you could save power on your everyday usage and in some cases we even find problems & inefficiencies in your existing power or solar water setup which are costing you money.

We will be able to fix this.

Once we’ve discussed your requirements we will recommend a solar power system based on your location and weather data available for your area.
Within New Zealand this would generally be between 1,200 and 1,400kWh per year for every 1 kWp of solar installed.

We use quality solar panels with a workmanship warranty of 10 years and are warranted to provide at least 93% of their rated output at standard conditions for a minimum of 10 years and 80% for a minimum of 25 years. This means that your solar power system will be busy providing you with free power long after it has paid for itself.

During installation we keep the disturbance to your household to a minimum, so you will hardly notice we’re there. Once your installation is finished we will help you with the monitoring of your new power system & understanding your new power bills.


Building a new house is a great time to evaluate your power usage & consider using a more sustainable energy source. Installing a photo voltaic system of sufficient capacity can generate the bulk of your electricity requirements.

We endeavour to provide you, our client, with an energy and cost efficient solar system that will dramatically reduce your power bill and carbon footprint.


Depending on the capacity of your house and the setup you choose you can generate all or the majority of your power needs. If you need to increase your capacity in the future, it’s simple to add more panels and inverters when required. When your system is designed correctly to suit your needs, you can expect returns of up to 15%. Consuming your own energy is the key to great return on investment.


With continued reductions in the cost of solar panels and the economies of scale now presented to us, we are able to provide you with the highest quality solar system at a cost that wont break the bank. It makes economic sense to install solar power.

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