Use the SEANZ Solar Optimiser to estimate the cost of moving to solar.


Grid-Connected at a glance

This is the system of choice for those who are looking for the solar power system with the shortest payback and therefore a great return on investment.  It is also the ideal starting point for you to make a positive contribution to the environment while doing your bit towards steering this beautiful country of ours back towards the clean, green and sustainable future that we want to be known for.

If your main motivation is achieving maximum financial benefit then the key is to match the system energy output to the daytime power requirements of the household.  There are a number of ways to shift some of the night-time power consumption to daytime in order to maximize the solar self-consumption.  For example many appliances such as dish washers and washing machines and driers have timers built in which can be used to delay their start time until the sun is up.  Timers or power diverters can also be installed to re-heat the hot water cylinder when to sun is up, which is commonly the largest energy consumer in a residential household.

With a grid-tied solar power system you maintain your connection to the national power grid and your relationship with your power company. However, rather than being a consumer only, you also become a power generator and can expect to get paid for any power that you are not using yourself but are returning to the grid.

Your power company will install a new meter which can record both energy imported from the grid and exported to the grid. While it is great to receive some benefit from exported energy, you won’t get rich from it.  The power company is likely to reward you around 8 Cents per unit of energy that you are sending back their way. If you were to use that same unit yourself you would save typically around 25 – 30 Cents which is the variable component on your power bill.

With a grid-tied solar power system you have the ability to tailor your own system depending on your own circumstances and motivation for going solar!  You can even add batteries for storing your excess solar power at a later stage.

Because this type of system is tied to the grid it does not offer any backup or resilience during a power cut. If that is part of your motivation then you need to look at some of our other options such as Hybrid Solar Power Systems or Off-Grid Solar power Systems


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  • How long does it take to pay for itself?

    The typical payback is 8-10 years, we recommend using the SEANZ calculator to see what system is right for you. we are happy to help explain the outcome.

  • What type of system is best for my house?

    There are 2 main systems to consider, the first is a String Inverter based system which are cost effective however limited in flexibility, the second is Micro Inverter based which has greater flexibility for multi faceted roofs or shading issues. The choice can usually be worked through by asking what it is you want out of the system in the mid to long term.

  • How much does it cost to install a system?

    Dependent on how much electricity you use during the day, will govern the size of system you need.  Try the SEANZ calculator. Our average grid tie system costs $8499 installed.

  • Do I still have electricity during a power cut?

    Grid Tie solar requires the grid to be on to sync with and provide electricity, for this reason it will shut down during a power cut. If you wish to have electricity during these events you will need one of our Hybrid  Solar Systems with an Emergency  power supply or (EPS).

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