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Solarcraft Auckland – Just so you know what we know…

Solarcraft Auckland – Just so you know what we know…

Solarcraft Auckland

We are Solarcraft, Auckland. An independent, Kiwi-owned and operated Solar power design and installation company made up of New Zealand Registered Electricians.

We cover Greater Auckland and the surrounding islands.Auckland Residential Solar System

Residential property with micro-inverters

Being in the solar business since 2010, we’ve designed and installed hundreds of solar electricity systems onto sheds, homes, businesses, retail buildings, apartments, a recreation centre… a desalination plant etc. So, we have a wealth of experience that you can take advantage of!


Nauru Island - BIG Commercial Solar System

Nauru Island Desalination Plant


As everyone is well aware, technology is moving at an extremely rapid rate. Solarcraft witness these changes first-hand in our industry and particularly enjoy seeing solar power becoming more cost-effective and efficient month-by-month! We love the challenge of keeping up with the latest products and developments. We also enjoy sharing that info, (in layman’s terms) to our client’s so everyone has better access to the most energy-efficient way forward.

With your budget in mind of course. Easy!

Speaking of the future? We always have young apprentices on board too. We proudly train these guys up through the solar-installation ranks so they can learn about the technical requirements and importance of renewable energy for the future.

Because it’s important.

Auckland Recreation Centre goes solar with Solarcraft!

Otahuhu Recreation Centre – Mega Solarcraft-system!


Being an independent Solar business makes us more approachable. It’s a more personable experience from the get-go. We will have good ‘old-fashioned’ phone call with you to clearly determine your requirements, or you can contact us via e-mail to start the conversation. Even send us a message on Facebook. Or a text! We can quickly help you determine how solar will suit your home, farm or business.

You can contact us right here. Any time. Solarcraft – How to find us!

Whatever way suits you best…

Jellicoe Bar in Auckland goes Solar

Jellicoe Bar – Old building moves forward with Solar


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