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Ground Mount Solar Power Systems and Solar Farms

Ground Mount Solar Power Systems and Solar Farms

SunPower Performance 6 Series On Ground Mount with Ground Screws

Single Pole mount with Six Solar modules for Solar Pumping System

What You Need To Know About Solar Ground Mounts
and Pole Mounts

There are many applications of solar energy, and today you can put panels almost anywhere. Sometimes, depending on location and other factors, solar panels are best suited for (typically flat) land as opposed to on a structure like a building or carport. There are two main ways to install solar on the ground: via a ground-mounted solar system or a single pole system. In this blog post, we will be discussing these unique applications of solar.

Ground-mount Solar Systems

A solar ground mount is a solar panel system – typically in a field or farm paddock– that’s mounted on a Ground Screw or concrete footing. The panels can be positioned from a few inches to several feet above the ground. Ground-mounted solar panels can be installed anywhere there is enough sunlight and available land, and are an easy solution if your home is not the best candidate for a rooftop solar panel system.

The main manufacturer of ground-mounted framing that Solarcraft installs is Clenergy, using either their Solar Terrace or Post Mount . Its flexible design can be positioned on different landscapes, in any soil condition, with most solar panels available. The well designed components are quick to assemble using high grade materials, which keep the panels firmly attached to the ground in an weather conditions.

Applications For Ground-mount Solar

Ground mount applications are similar to roof mounted systems, the chosen area should not have a lot of shading or tree coverage. They can be installed on flat or sloping land, this can dictate which framing type we can use. A bigger property lot size is definitely helpful as it gives you the opportunity to install more solar panels. However, if you have a smaller property size and want a reliable alternative to a roof-mounted system, a ground mount will likely still work for you as long as you have enough sun exposure and an adequate backyard.

Ground-mounts work best when faced north because that is when solar panels receive the most sunlight throughout the day. Solarcraft can design the racking system to tilt at the prime degree for your location or site using our specialised site shade meter.

It’s important to know that even though ground-mounts allow you to choose the best place in your backyard for your system to be installed, you’re going to have to make a commitment to that area and set it aside for your solar system. The amount of available land you need will vary with your energy needs. A larger electric bill will require more solar panels to offset.

Advantages Of Ground-mount Solar Systems

Ground-mounted solar systems do not have as many limitations as roof-mounted systems, such as roof space available as well as space you need to perform roof maintenance and solar panel cleaning. However, you should keep in mind to choose an area with a large amount of space and as much sunlight as possible when having a ground-mounted system installed.

Another benefit of ground mounts that may come as a surprise is that they allow for more airflow to keep solar panels cool and convert energy more efficiently.  This is helpful because solar panels perform marginally better in cooler climates. Our latest Bifacial Solar modules will also generate electricity from the reflected light hitting the back of the tilted modules.

Solarcraft are based in Silverdale Auckland and are experts in off-grid, hybrid, and high end residential/commercial systems for over 14 years. To learn more about your energy consumption and the most cost-effective system for you; contact Tim and the team at Solarcraft for a complimentary consultation and design proposal.

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