Use A Free Solar Assessment To Learn Everything You Need To Know About Solar For Your Home

Done right, Solar Power can add immense value to your property, shave hundred of dollars off your power bill each year and provide year-round benefits to the sustainability of your home.

If done the wrong way – Solar Power can cost you thousands without providing any real benefit.

To provide help to Kiwi’s considering making the investment in Solar Power, we are offering a limited number of free solar power assessments each month. Our solar technicians have years of solar experience and can provide a plan to help you figure out if solar is the best thing for you.

Start Your Move To Solar With Expert Planning

Making the move to Solar power is more involved than simply installing and wiring a panel system. Our technicians can offer free advice to help with…

  • the pro’s & cons of different systems, offering an unbiased recommendation on the one that is best for your budget & property
  • how to reduce maintenance and maximise benefit by installing your system in the right place
  • ways to angle, position and fix panels in order to get the most sunlight all year round
  • consents process and safety requirements

A free solar assessment is no obligation and no hassle. Our technicians just need a short time to assess the property and have a quick chat to you at a time that suits. At the end of the assessment, we provide a competitive quote and a list of our recommendations – you can choose to continue with our team or take the information yourself to move forward with a better idea of how to get the most out of solar.

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