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SunPower 320W All Black p-19 Panels

These SunPower all-black panels, with their black frame and black back sheets add superior aesthetic and blend in beautifully with any home.

On top of looking stylish? At 320W? They offer 32% more energy over the first 25 years of operation in comparison to conventional panels. They are performance panels, benefitting from a unique parallel circuit design that delivers more energy in row-to-row shading, enabling greater ground or roof coverage.

Other differences? Firstly, the cells are laser cut into six strips and are layered in a shingled configuration to create a ‘hypercell’. This shingled hypercell allows more active cell area to be fit into each panel boosting power and efficiency. Secondly, performance cells are connected with a conductive adhesive borrowed from the aerospace industry to offer multiple and redundant paths for electricity flow. This removes the front contact ribbons and solder bonds found in conventional cells that can block active cell area and deteriorate over time, leading to cell failures and power deficits. Finally, SunPower Performance panels feature a unique parallel circuit architecture that significantly limits power loss in shade and soiling.

The result? A superior shingled panel constructed with commodity cells, outperforming conventional panels in efficiency, performance and reliability.

Weight: 18.7 Kilograms
Warranty: 25yrs

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