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Shane Testimonial

"We received solar installation quotes from several different companies including Solarcraft for our existing house. They all seemed knowledgeable and the prices were similar. Ultimately we decided to go with Solarcraft due to the products they use - Mitsubishi Panels and Enasolar Inverter and we looked at a similar installation they had done in the area recently. When Mark came over to measure up we knew we were discussing our options with someone who knew what they were doing and not someone just after a sale, very reassuring.
When it came time for installation our choice was proven to be spot on. Lewis the installer discussed all options with us and then worked away in the heat of the day over 3 days and I must say did such a neat and professional job that you just couldn't fault it. Roofing was lifted to lay cabling out of sight and considerable time taken to ensure the inverter was placed in as unobtrusive place as possible. We can't give high enough praise for how neat this job was. All the paperwork was handled promptly by Savvy back in the office and communication was always timely. 
Our choice of company was again reinforced to us when the independent electrical inspector also rated Solarcraft highly and stated that he was always impressed with their work.
If you are getting solar quotes, make sure you include Solarcraft on the list.
" – Shane Panettiere

Date rated: 2nd Feb at 8:45pm  |  Job date: Jan, 2015  |   Contact: Mark Nauer  |   Communication: 100%  |   Quality:100%  |   Reliability: 100%  |   Value: 100%



"Tim and his team did a great job. They were quick to come and check the site,
make proposals and do the job. And they weren't phased by us changing the
size of the system halfway through either! A highly recommended company!"
– Hilda
We installed a 4.94kWp system using Mitsubishi Electric solar panels and Enphase Microinverters. The system is expected to produce 6557 KWh per year.
_ Solarcraft

Date rated: 13 hours and 50 seconds ago  |  Job date: Apr, 2014  |   Contact: Tim & his team  |   Communication:100%  |   Quality: 100%  |   Reliability: 100%  |   Value: 100%
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Brian Walker Testimonial "Very pleased with our initial contact and the assessment of our options and information about the instillation and benefits of having Solar Panels. 
The instillation was very efficient and done in a day.
Liaison with the energy supplier (Meridian) was problem free.
I consider the service has been very good." – Brian

Date rated: 5th Feb at 2:13pm  |  Job date: Jan, 2014  |   Contact: Brian Walker  |   Communication: 90%  |   Quality:100%  |   Reliability: 100%  |   Value: 90%



"I highly recommend Solarcraft if you are considering a solar pv installation—note that some banks will finance these now, you only have to ask! 

We had a 4.5Kw system installed and everything went super smoothly, I cannot recommend Tim and Matt highly enough, both are highly professional, friendly, and trustworthy. Tim was very responsive to all our requests and concerns and helpful all the way through. With Tim your salesperson and your installer are the same person and just a phone call away, which is one of the reasons I chose solarcraft over some other, larger installers.

Thanks Guys!" – Cameron

Date rated: 10th Jul, 2013 at 12:22pm  |  Job date: Jun, 2013  |   Contact: Tim Dudek  |   Communication: 100%  |  Quality: 90%  |   Reliability: 100%  |   Value: 90%
Margaret Nash Testimonial
"Job was efficiently done. Tim was great at answering questions and keeping me informed. Thanks for the good service"
Margaret Nash

We installed a 3.12kWp Mitsubishi Electric system with an Enasolar String inverter. This system is expected to generate 3910kWh per year.


Date rated: 4th Feb |Job date: Jan, 2014 |Contact: Tim Dudek 
Communication: 90%  |   Quality:100%  |   Reliability: 100%  |   Value: 90
"Very happy with the installation of our solar power system. We have 8 months of use and have averaged a saving of $300 per month (spring through Summer). This will easily pay for itself, even with expected reductions through winter, in 6 or 7 years even without taking expected increases in power prices into consideration. Tim and his team at Solarcraft were efficient, on-time and Tim provided a clear step by step approach to the process (and there is one with a few steps). Tim also followed up more than once on the installation to ensure it was working correctly." – Brian

Date rated: 10th Apr at 9:30am  |  Job date: Apr, 2014  |   Contact: Tim Dudek  |   Communication: 100%  |   Quality:100%  |   Reliability: 100%  |   Value: 100%
Brian Kelti Testimonial

Formed at the beginning of 2010, Solarcraft already has many installs under its belt.  With a passion for what we do and a team of highly qualified installers at the ready to make purchasing a Solar PV array as easy as it can be.



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