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Get the Facts

Solar power can reduce your electricity bill!

Our grid-tied solar power systems can halve your power bill by producing power free from the sun’s rays. It is best to size your system to cover your daytime loads as best possible, we take the guess work out during our in-house assessments. 

Solar power has never been cheaper

A few years ago Photo voltaic solar power systems would take in excess of 60 years to pay for themselves, which for most of us was far too long.  However over the last few years the cost has crashed to the point where it will now only take as little as 7 years to pay for itself. We can thank our global economy for this and only hope that the downward trend continues.

Can I save More?

Yes. The more power you can use during the day rather than night, the better it will be for you. Doing things like always washing your clothes during the day, or heating the spa and swimming pool only during daylight hours will help increase your daytime base load and decrease your night time load (which is when you are not producing your own power). Another great way is to install energy efficient LED lighting which can reduce your lighting bill by 90% which, same as before, will reduce your night time load.

You will reduce your carbon foot print

Becoming the owner of your own solar power system has more great bonuses than just reducing your power bill; it is a sustainable, environmentally friendly way to reduce your carbon foot print. Unlike your average consumer electronics that are frequently replaced, your average solar system is expected to reliably continue its operation in our harsh New Zealand environment without fail. 25-40 years of operation is not uncommon for solar panels.
Formed at the beginning of 2010, Solarcraft already has many installs under its belt.  With a passion for what we do and a team of highly qualified installers at the ready to make purchasing a Solar PV array as easy as it can be.



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